Hungarian Society for
Paranormal Research and Consulting


This is a place for everyone who is interested in the paranormal, the supernatural and parapsychology. Join our Facebook Group, interact, collaborate, read or listen our new topics and get resources. It's all free.


We do investigations, research and consultation. These services are all free. Please contact us if you want to participate in an experiment, an investigation or if you or someone around you need help.
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We have workshops, online trainings, e-learning courses, field trip projects and mentoring solutions for the ones who want to learn more about the field. If you wish to get your feet wet or dig deeper, please check the options.
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Keep questing!

Olvassa magyarul az oldal tartalmát. Az oldal két nyelven teszi elérhetővé az anyagokat és a szolgáltatások elérhetőek mind magyarul, mind pedig angolul.
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